Tarot Business Planning Spread

Biddy Tarot has all kinds of great spreads for everything, but I really love Brigit's business-focused spreads. I stumbled upon this one on Pinterest and was excited to try it out -- especially because it focuses on Purpose in the first card! Here is how I interpreted these cards (my spread is shown above). Do you have any similar themes in your life/work?

1. What is my purpose or calling?

The Hierophant -- To be a spiritual leader, to offer counsel. There may be a marriage connection here, as I like to offer family and relationship support.

2. How can I bring my calling into my business?

The Empress -- I've considered doing more blogging about motherhood and Tarot, or at least 1 post about it. I also think that I bring a motherly nature to most business matters and client sessions. I care for my clients and want to see them succeed. I feel my energy is a nurturing, creative energy. I may also need to bring more motherly strictness/consistency to my business.

3. How can I get the greatest fulfillment from my business?

Kn of Wands -- This tells me that I need to put myself out there more, to do more active selling and promoting of my business. I see this Knight working hard to deliver products and share Tarot joy! I hesitate from taking on this energy, because I want to make sure I'm putting my effort into the "right" tasks that will bring me and my clients joy.

4. How can I offer authentic value to my customers?

2 of Swords -- I feel like this goes back to consistency. I still need to solidify a theme for my site and align my goals and efforts with it -- the life purpose of my blog, if you will. Ha! The 2 of Swords tells me I need to be focused, find balance, and stop pointing my energy in two different directions.

5. What products and services could I offer?

10 of Wands -- This one had me stumped at first, but then I connected with the figure in this card. He is busy with his work, head down, and he's not seeing the big picture. I am this person a lot of the time. I think I can help my clients see the big picture, using Tarot and mindfulness, to offer guidance that gets them thinking beyond the day-to-day stress we all experience.

6. Where do I need to focus my business in the next 1-2 months?

Wheel of Fortune -- I felt a few messages tied to this card. I should keep moving. I'm going to stumble upon my niche, to find something that clicks that I really love and want to focus on. In the short term, I shouldn't worry too much about seeing the big picture in my business. I should enjoy exploring. I also heard, "Don't re-invent the wheel." It's OK if my business is similar to other businesses. Learn from other businesses, but provide unique content for my business and clients.

7. Where do I need to focus my business in the next 6-12 months?

Q of Pentacles -- This feels a little more "big picture" to me. I need to make sure that I am balancing all aspects of my life. I need to have time to dedicate to family, my day job, and my own business. In the next 6-12 months, I need to start running my site as a business and managing it like one. I may need to bring in more writers or create more advanced content, managing my own time better.

8. What is the future potential for my business?

K of Cups -- I see this as a business that generates love and acceptance, honesty. I see it as successful but valuing the success of helping others more than the financial success. The King feels organized and in control. All good things!

9. What new opportunities exist?

A of Pentacles -- Possibly new ways to generate income, new product ideas, and new plans in line with a more concise business theme/model.

10. Overall, where is my business heading in the next 6-12 months?

Q of Wands -- She is successful, so that's good! I like these court cards that fell in the position of future business energies! I think there's a great work ethic about her, and she feels earthy. Her sunflower is blooming. I think that's a good sign...