Willows Wisdom, Judgement

Oh, this Judgement card! It has meant so many things to me in so many readings.

It is card 20 in the Major Arcana. In numerology, 20 is a very soul-oriented number, representing soul awareness and the balance between life and death. In Tarot, the card shows men and women rising from coffins to face their final judgment. Almost all religions believe in life after death, and Tarot has many early Christian themes and symbols. In Christianity, after death, your life is assessed, sins are forgiven, and you ascend to heaven. The next card in the Major Arcana, 21, The World, shows the spirit whole and complete again.

As such, the Judgement card has represented the following to me in readings:

  • release of what does not serve
  • new beginnings, specifically emotional and spiritual beginnings
  • new ways of thinking
  • renewed spirit
  • literally judgment from friends and family
  • forgiveness
  • spiritual and physical healing (I personally connect to the symbol of the red cross.)
  • a "wake-up call" (hearing trumpets)

Because the Major Arcana cards hold more weight, this tends to be a major theme when it comes up for me in a reading. For example, when asking about my spiritual business, if this card comes up, it tends to mean an overall theme of spiritual awakening/cleansing, and/or an intense fear that I may be judged by others for decisions I've made.

Today, when I asked for a message for you, my lovely readers, I felt drawn to two aspects of this card -- the medical "red cross" symbol I mentioned above and a feeling of release and renewal.

So, if you're struggling with any physical ailments this week, any anxiety about aches and pains, or recovering from emotional trauma, I encourage you to focus on a renewed sense of spirit. Our bodies thrive on patterns, for survival. If something traumatic has happened in our past, our bodies will warn us about it, specifically on anniversaries of the traumatic event. So, the smell of a beautiful Spring breeze might be refreshing for others, but a reminder of a sad event for some. There is no way to completely erase our memories and, if we could, I promise you, we wouldn't want to. There are good patterns of memory in our brain too. :-)

But we can begin to rewrite our story. We can say, "This used to be sad to me, but now I'm going to associate this day, or time of year, with a joyful memory. I'm going to treat myself to a lunch date, a new book, a quiet car ride, etc.!"

I wish you all the best blessings on your renewed journey this week.