Levels of Consciousness (Week 6, Chapter 5 Continued)

Hi again, friends! Thank you for your patience as I got caught up on some work this weekend and cared for my sick family as we all are getting over chest colds.

Spirituality has taken a bit of a backseat this week, and I don't like it! Ha! I'm ready to jump back in and give some time to self care and reflection.

This week, my notes will cover Chapter 5's Level's of Consciousness!

Levels of Consciousness

  • When you shift your consciousness or awareness, you don't lose consciousness or identity.
  • Brings greater awareness of your own energy, Greeks called this "gnosis."
  • Individuals may have different abilities in these states of consciousness.

Levels Below Normal Brain Function

  • Brain normally functions at beta state; waking consciousness (13-16 cycles/second).
  • Meditation, magick, spell work, etc. requires the use of alpha state, right below beta; relaxed but aware, day dreaming, "zoned out" (8-13 cycles/second); increased memory and learning, better connection with psychic mind.
  • A trance state happens at theta level, entered during sleep (4-9 hertz).
  • The lowest level of brain function is the delta wave; deep sleep, deep trance, and coma (4 or fewer cycles/second).

Levels Above Normal Brain Function (Beta Level)

  • An extreme state of alertness called "battlefield conditions," is called high beta (16-30 hertz).
  • K complex is the experience of divine inspiration, moments of clarity, the "eureka experience (30-35 hertz).
  • Superhigh beta is above them all and is characterized by uncontrollable spiritual experiences, raising consciousness, extreme out-of-body experiences, kundalini risings, and crown-chakra activation (35-150 hertz).

It's important to note that lowering and raising brain waves can lead to mystical experiences and that different parts of the brain can be associated with different brain waves.

Shifting Consciousness

Involves slowing the body to reach an altered state or raising energy and awareness to reach an altered state through:

  • Meditation
    Clearing your mind, relaxing, being in the moment, chanting, using hand gestures, posture, a visual focus or symbol.
  • Breath Control
    Regulating breathing, relaxing, calming the breath/mind, counting breaths.
  • Isolation
    Using silence and time alone to induce a mystical experience, facilitates contemplation, sometimes fasting is used.
  • Sound
  • Singing, chanting, drumming, and playing instruments; can be relaxing or exciting.
  • Body Movement
    Exercising, dancing, doing yoga, shaking, spinning
  • I'm not listing these options here, because I feel they could be (potentially) dangerous and don't want to promote them on this thread (keeping it PG-rated), but if you're interested, please read more about reaching altered states (safely) using, Sex, Intoxication, and Pain.


  • Continue with Earth Walking!
  • Try one of the safe methods above for reaching an altered state of consciousness -- the easiest typically being meditation -- just sit quietly, try to quiet your mind, and focus on your breathing.
  • Be open to your intuition by inviting it into your life, test it, and write about it!


Have you noticed anything different in your life, different perceptions, etc., since listening to your intuition more? Let's discuss in our group here!