Meditation (Week 7, Chapter 6)

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Welcome back to Week 7, Chapter 6, Lesson 2! Please note that, next week, I'll be on vacation celebrating Halloween/Samhain with my family. So, there will be no Study Group update.

Let's jump right in!


  • Can help develop other spiritual skills
  • Make a space for meditation, in your environment, an altar.
  • Mark your meditation with a "tuning in" ceremony.
  • To do this, light a candle or burn incense, etc.
  • Posture is important, but don't strain muscles -- Indian style or a lotus position.
  • Set an intention, ex:
"I ask the Goddess and God to protect and guide me in this meditation."

Entering Altered States

  • First, find a state of relaxation.
  • Observe your breath, take deep and relaxed breaths.
  • You can count breaths if you like.
  • Make sure you're comfortable.

A Few Tips for Meditation

I believe Penczak will get into this more at the end of Chapter 6, which we'll cover after Nov. 3rd, but I wanted to note a few tips that helped me quickly find a meditative state --

  • I visualized my own internal sacred space -- which for me is a cottage in the woods. I even looked for photos that resembled it on Pinterest. Then, whenever I meditated, I could go to that space easily. I would "live" there, imagine I was having coffee on the big cozy couch, lying in the hammock, or lounging outside in the grass. It really put me in that calm state of mind.
  • Once you have that "imaginary" sacred space, you can meditate any time, anywhere! Just go to that imaginary place.
  • If you are not a "sit quietly" kind of person -- I know I struggle with that sometimes -- you can imagine this sacred place while walking, while coloring or doodling, etc. Eventually you'll want to have sit-down quiet meditative time for magick purposes, but the idea right now is to just get yourself into that calm, relaxed state. Be able to find that state any time you need to.
  • Start small -- start with 5 minutes at a time. Set a timer even. I know that setting a timer isn't necessarily conducive to "relaxation" (ha!), but most of us are leading busy lives, and it's a good starting point to being able to meditate more. You may soon find that 5 minutes is too little, and you want to try 10 minutes -- yay!

Exercises 7-10

Over the next 2 weeks, let's complete Exercises 7-10 (refer to the text). I'm aware that everyone's meditative practices are different, so feel free to customize them to your needs and comfort levels:

  • Total Relaxation
  • Candle Meditation
  • Counting Down to a Meditative State
  • Basic Visualization

Prompts & Discussion

  • Journal about your meditation experiences -- past or present!
  • Join us to chat about meditation in our Discussion Group.
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