Affirmations & Instant Magick (Week 8, Chapter 6 Wrap Up)

Welcome back, friends! This week, I'm sharing my notes to wrap up Chapter 6, which includes the sections: Affirmations and Instant Magick.

We are just about 40% of the way through the book, starting Chapter 7 of 17 next week.


  • Beneficial statements made to ourselves.
  • Can be made out loud or silently.
  • Negative thoughts and ideas can become a part of our daily programming.
  • Positive self-talk can re-program our minds, heal and clear blocks.
  • Can be done during meditation or in a regular beta state.
  • Can be focused on self-esteem, prosperity, psychic awakening, etc.
  • "I am" statements are powerful in affirmations.
  • Instead of saying, "I am not sick," say, "I am healthy," to affirm the positive.
  • Typically affirmations are said in sets of 3 (or 4), 9, 33, 99, and 108.

Sample Self-Esteem Affirmation

I love myself. I love all others. I am infinitely loved.
I forgive myself. I forgive all others.
I am walking in the love of the Goddess, God, and Great Spirit.
Everything I do is for the good of all involved, harming none.
I am open to my highest guidance.

Instant Magick

  • Practice of putting your will into motion quickly.
  • Uses a light meditative state and trigger, or visualization, without deep meditation, ritual, or tools.
  • Enter an alpha state by letting your mind wander (or focus) momentarily.
  • State silently, out loud, or visualize what you want to happen.
  • Triggers can be hand motions, gestures, words, or images that help to reach the magickal mind (like crossing your first and middle finger). I prefer to hold my thumb against my pointer and middle finger.

Using Instant Magick

  • Accelerated Learning - Hold your trigger when reading or studying or listening to a lecture. Use your trigger again to recall this information.
  • Affirmations - Use your trigger during affirmations when you don't have time to get into a meditative state.
  • Animal Communication - You can project thoughts to animals (or plants, minerals) and receive impressions from them.
  • Bending Time - Imagine yourself being on time if you're running late, and use your trigger.
  • Body Control - You can use your trigger to control your response to extremes in temperature and pain.
  • Cosmic Telephone Message - Use your trigger and think of the person you wish to reach, imagine leaving a message like on an answering machine. You will usually hear from the person in 3 days.
  • Early Warning System - Hold your trigger with the intention of awareness in times of danger to keep you alert.
  • Guidance - Use your trigger to make an instant connection to higher guidance and ask questions.
  • Healing - Use your trigger and visualization for healing yourself or others.
  • Internal Alarm Clock - Use your trigger and visualize a clock with the time to wake up.
  • Memory - Use your trigger to remember names and when introducing yourself.
  • Parking Spaces - Use your trigger and visualize an empty parking space near the door about 15 min. before arrival.
  • Protection - Ask the Goddess and God to protect you from all harm.
  • Reduce Anxiety - Use your trigger and tell your body and mind to be calm.
  • Repairs - Use your trigger to visualize cars, computers, etc. to repair.
  • Traffic Lights - Visualize all lights being green.
  • Victory - Use your instant magick for success at sports and workouts.
  • Weather Magick - You can use your trigger to project a clear path of travel in dangerous weather.
  • Other - You can try this in other areas of your life too!

Finding a Place of Power

As we discuss more magickal rituals going forward, it's important to make a space for meditation in your inner reality and to find a space in nature or your home that's sacred to you.

Exercises and Prompts

  1. Exercise 11, Affirmations, walks you through a meditation using affirmations. Though the book suggests choosing at least 5 affirmations, I'm going to start with 1 and journal about my experience.
  2. Exercise 12, Programming Your Trigger for Instant Magick. Complete this exercise this week, and let's jump right into trying Instant Magick! Journal about and share your experiences with us in our Site Discussion or in our Facebook group!