Feeling Energy (Week 5, Chapter 5, Continued)

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This week I'd like to do a quick check-in to see who all is continuing with the study group. Even if this is your first time here, if you could say a quick "hello" in our ITOW Discussion Group, I'd appreciate it. If you missed this message, no worries -- just trying to get a general idea of number of participants.

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Feeling the Energy

Have you tried any energy exercises this week?? When I last got to this exercise, about 2 years ago, I easily felt the "ball of energy" between my hands. It helped to rub my hands together and to lean forward and focus. Closing my eyes helped too.

This time, I didn't feel it! At all! So, I really had to start fresh and focus and try some different techniques before I got it to "work."

Before that, though, I did my intention ritual. My "altar" of sorts is in the middle of two windows. During my ritual, I felt drawn to raise my arms, L shaped, with my palms facing the windows. With my eyes closed, I asked for the Earth's and God's energy to fill my body and help me do good work for those around me. I felt an intense pressure on both my hands when doing that. It was SO fascinating!

Exercise 4, Feeling the Aura

To Journal or Discuss: This exercise requires feeling the aura of a partner. If you don't have a partner, can you feel the energy coming in from a window instead? What about the energy of a pet or houseplant? They have auras too!

Exercise 5, Pushing and Pulling Energy

To Journal or Discuss: This exercise involves pushing and pulling energy between you and a partner. Again, you can practice this exercise with a pet, houseplant, or other energy source. Though you may not get verbal feedback, see if they react differently. If you put some positive energy into your work tools (pencil, pen, computer), do you feel more productive that day or happy in your work?

Exercise 6, Earth Walking

To Journal or Discuss: Throughout this week and next, I'd like us to try some earth walking. Earth walking involves being present in the moment, like with other types of meditation. It also involves imagining "breathing" in the energy of the earth, through your feet, as you walk -- even if you're wearing shoes. If you don't feel comfortable doing this while out walking in public, imagine doing this in your home or yard, while simply standing with your eyes closed. How does doing this make you feel different? Do you feel more energized? Too energized?

Next week we'll cover Levels of Consciousness, then Week 7 will be Meditation!

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