The Magickal Mind (Week 4, Chapter 5, Part 1)

Hi again, friends! Welcome back to another week of our ITOW Study Group!

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At this point, you should have completed your intention ritual, if you so desire. Today is my first day home by myself where I feel I have time to focus and will be completing mine. Last time I did my intention ritual, I did it exactly by the book. This time I'm going to make it a little more about "me" and listen to Motown music, meditate, journal, and make a promise to dedicate time each day to my spiritual journey. I can't wait!

OK, so let's get started with Chapter 5! This chapter has a LOT, so I'm going to break it down into a few weeks. If you feel like moving ahead of my speed, please feel free to do so!

Chapter 5, Lesson 1

The Magickal Mind

  • Crowley defined magick as "the science and art of causing change in conformity with will."
  • Magick is described like a prayer, in which you use your will with intention to bring about change.
  • Change can be internal or external.

The Three Minds

Conscious Mind

  • Containing the personality and ego identity.
  • Linear thinking: Past, Present, Future
  • Where needs and desires are formulated, for life, magick
  • Limited thinking

Psychic Mind

  • Greater ability to perceive energy and information
  • Not bound by linear thinking
  • Intuition or inner feelings are formed without needing to process all the data consciously.
  • Comes from lower self, subconscious

Divine Mind

  • Psychic mind serves as intermediary between Divine and Conscious minds.
  • Sometimes called God, Goddess, or Great Spirit
  • Not bound by linear time, can see the "big picture," shared consciousness
  • Manifests in symbols, dreams, flashes of realization, epiphanies

Magick can bridge these minds, as we use spells to make specific requests to our higher self, or divine mind.

Movie Magic Versus Real Magick

Once you open up your mind(s) to what real magick is and can be, you start to notice the coincidences and changes that manifest naturally when you align your will with what you want. And THIS is better than any flash of lightning or fireworks from Movie Magic.

Three Requirements

  • Strength of Will -- Channel confidence, calmness, believe you deserve what you desire and should have it, if it is for your highest good.
  • Clear Intention -- Visualize what you want, imagine already having it. Channel the feeling of already having what you want.
  • A Method to Direct Energy -- through ritual or meditation


  • Personal Energy -- Coming from our own bodies
  • Earth Energies -- within and around the Earth, of the Goddess, the consciousness of the world that sustains us, or "mana"
  • Cosmic Energy -- typically masculine, in Hindu tradition "prana," or food/breath we take in
  • Divine Energy -- catch-all for other energies, spiritual, perfect love, perfect trust

Exercises 2 & 3, Prompts/Discussion

Feeling Energy

This exercise instructs you to bring your hands together to feel the energy between them. What did you feel? Physically and emotionally?

Ball of Energy

This exercise instructs you to form a ball of energy between your hands. Were you able to imagine the ball of energy forming? What did it look like? What did it feel like?

Journal about your experience and let's chat about these exercises in our Discussion Group this week!