1930s Diaries

Last week, I asked the universe to help provide me with the closest equivalent of my great-grandmother's diary, if she had kept one in the late 1920s. I stumbled upon these two lovely journals on Friday.

I expect them to be delivered by April 26th. With shipping, they'll likely be about $30. Thankfully, I had some unexpected income for that exact amount! So, I trust that these will be just what I need!

I mean, a half-completed diary from upstate New York in 1929? Universe, you humble me with the most specific answered prayer. Next, I'd like exactly 1.746 million dollars (wink-wink).

Here are a few excerpts from the diaries. Funny, I just noticed that it's almost exactly the same time of year in 2019!

  • April 11 - For Crystal Springs(?), Miss Elizabeth came home with us last night & stayed all night.

  • April 12 - Well Elizabeth went to school on time, about 7-15AM. Luella went Albion(?) to see about getting his car painted to Early's. Luella, Henry Lewis, and Miss Preston went to the farm this afternoon.

  • April 13 - Luella went away this morning and stayed about all day. I made some cookies. Luella had Jessie, Kate Glidden, and Lulu in to play cards tonight. One hen died on the nest.

  • April 14 - We have a cool morning. Luella and I went to church. Jim has a bad cold. He stayed home. Luella had a nap. I got dinner, went to Mary's(?). Luella took Harry and Frances to the farm.

We've had a few cold mornings here, in Waterbury, as well. Early morning Monday, we had loud rain showers and a thunderstorm. Then, this morning, a light dusting of snow. The luxury of writing a diary in 2019 is that I can show you! I arrived to work early, so I walked to the train station cafe for coffee.


I refused to wear my winter coat (it IS officially Spring!), so I tucked my hands tightly into my sweatshirt pockets and walked quickly to stay warm.

Last night, I was so sleepy. I came home from work, ate leftover pizza, and got E to bed early. We played games on our phones in bed and fell asleep before 9pm. I hope to be more productive today.

Yesterday's Tarot cards included the Ace of Wands (new project/motivation!) and the 4 of Swords (rest). I felt absolutely motivated to make this page into a better writing/sharing space and made some small edits accordingly. Then, I crashed.

Anyone else feeling lots of Spring motivation without a whole bunch of energy to do anything about it (sigh)?

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