A Fresh Start

E = my 7-year-old daughter

Wishing you all a blessed Beltane! Beltane is a Celtic fire festival, honoring life and celebrating the end of Spring and the beginning of Summer. I'll be lighting candles on my altar to represent the return of that warm sun! As we welcome Summer, I'm looking forward to spending time outside. I might even plant a small butterfly garden this year. It seems like a nice thing to do with E and a way to reclaim some of my own childhood and free spirit. And the butterfly symbolizes transformation, growth, renewal, etc. All good things!

I've felt a strong connection to Lizzie and Michael this week. Michael's birthday is coming up on May 7th. He was born in 1895. I want to have the intro to the book completed by then. I'm making it my official intro deadline!

Lizzie sent me a few little signs this weekend that really touched my heart. Her color is yellow, and I connect with her through butterflies and dandelions. Dandelions symbolize child-like wonder and joy, and the name itself means "lion's tooth," reminding me of the Strength card in Tarot:


There are many themes associated with the Strength card. It's a major arcana card, representing a major milestone in your life journey. It represents strength, fortitude, and managing the continuous ups and downs of life. The character isn't subduing the lion by force. She's developing a relationship with it and taming it. This is how we must manage our own inner turmoil and trauma as well. Knowing ourselves, our triggers, and working through them repeatedly builds resilience (which I'm still learning).

Sidenote: This morning as I was waking up, I heard a voice say, "You shouldn't buy new shoes until your feet have healed," and if that isn't the perfect metaphor for my life right now, I don't know what is.

And here's an excerpt out of the found diary that Margaret wrote on May 1, 1931:

Checks made out today. 5 of them. Mr. Greene [the elderly man she cares for who gave her this diary] not feeling good natured. Got groceries for the house. Nina called on phone & talked. Alice took Marj. to show tonite. Got letter from Mother today. She has been ill for 4 or 5 weeks. Beautiful day.


It seems like Margaret took this job to help pay off some of her debts. Her progress and work ethic are inspiring. She often wraps up a busy day of being Mr. Greene's caretaker and housekeeper to go back to her own home and finish the same chores there. So, I can certainly handle a busy workday and pick up after myself once I get home, right? I'm trying!

This weekend, I'm making a promise to myself to get through the following chores:

  • Dining room "sort" pile done

  • Dining room table cleared

  • All dishes done

  • Living room picked up

  • Garden started

  • Intro to Witherbee Road started

  • One chapter finished (fun reading)

  • One watercolor painting completed

I'll update you on my progress.