A Seance With Great-Grandma Lizzie Pearl

It’s rare that I get a moment alone nowadays, but I did this past week! I spent some time in prayer and focused on Grandma Lizzie Pearl. I lit a candle for her and played music from the 1930s.

In the 1800s, it was common to hold seance parties. Guests would communicate with spirits by asking them to knock in response, to let you know of their presence.

I gave it a try with Gram, and it didn’t disappoint. I asked if she could knock once. I knocked once on my desk. A few seconds later, I heard a distant knock. It sounded like it was coming from a wall across from me. I asked if she could knock twice, and so on. Each time, after a few seconds, I heard an exact mimic of my knock pattern.

Considering that the apartment building was empty, I can’t find a logical explanation for this. Assuming that Pearl was present after my Victorian spirit tests (hehe), I decided to ask for her help using the oracle board I made (printable PDF available here).

I wrote down specific meanings for the charms I would use:

  • Fleur de lis (lily): energy of our spiritual relationship

  • Owl: wisdom, information for me to know

  • Heart and wings: Pearl’s spiritual advice for me

  • Pine cone: work, what’s next to do

  • Rabbit: a challenge to work through

  • Penny: what we need for the work to happen

  • Key: resolution, the answer

  • Dice: number to represent the overall theme, image on board to represent what needs to be overcome to attain it

I also decided to ask some clarifying questions with my Gypsy Oracle cards.

I closed my eyes, asked for Pearl’s help, and tossed the charms. The results painted an interesting picture of my life right now. I also asked that she give me signs throughout the weekend to validate my conclusions. I believe she did:

  • The lily landed on the feather, which symbolizes going forth. It’s like the Magician in Tarot. It means to use your willpower, to proceed. I’ve always felt that Pearl has guided me in standing up for myself, helping me sort through my tendency of being what everyone else wants me to be. This is part of our work together.

  • The owl landed on the key. The key on the board represents a new perspective. I feel drawn to look at this entire project as part of my need to be my own person and build a new life that is entirely built around what I love and what’s best for my family. In short: everyday adventures, simple joys, and a safe and happy home. I’m inspired to bring into the present what I carry with me from my ancestors.

  • The heart and wings landed on the dandelion. This is the symbol for endings and difficult transitions. Dandelion fluff floats around me even as I write this. There are so many endings in my life. I feel blessed to know that I have her spiritual support in clearing out the old and bringing in the new.

  • The pine cone landed on the hare. What’s next? Chaos, unexpected changes. It’s so tough when faced with chaos to stay strong and focused, to be strong and not crumble. But we have to work through the chaos to gain knowledge and resilience.

  • The rabbit charm landed on the house. The challenge to work through is the home. It symbolizes partnerships, commitments, stability, and the home itself. My home is in desperate need of a rebuild. It needs more cleaning and organizing, but it needs a spiritual overhaul as well. And what better era than Pearl’s to bring in that energy? In the 1930s, Pearl’s generation had to create home and security without most of the tools and luxuries we have today. I’ll draw on her energy to help.

  • The penny landed between the clock and the snake. The clock symbolizes patience, and the snake is temptation. In terms of finances, this means that it will take time to be more financially secure and even to have more resources for this project, but that’s OK. Avoid temptations like frivolous spending, and focus on what’s important: the sanctity and joys of a simple home.

  • The key landed on the compass. The resolution is to have direction and focus. Danielle told me that I need to focus on what’s important and be convicted, to always put it first. Later that night, Ellie came home wearing a compass necklace she found. I hear you, universe (and Dani).

  • The 20-sided die landed on the the hare, and on side 19. The number 19 represents happiness. In Tarot (and on the oracle board), it’s represented by the Sun. It can also mean a child. And 19 is a common number that comes up around Grandma Pearl. She was 19 when she died. That it landed on the hare seems to suggest finding simple joys, focusing on the child energy, and letting that carry me through the chaos and bring healthy spontaneity into my life.

The cards I pulled warned of the chaos coming into my life and ways to work through it. I also asked how I could find out more information about her and got cards associated with the church. This led me to a weekend adventure in Port Henry where I got more leads through church records and county archives. She was 100% right. I’ll write about that next!

My biggest take-aways from this experience are a reminder to focus on home and family, to trust in divine energy, and to spend some more time in prayer and meditation. It helped me see more purpose in the chaos that surrounds me right now.

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