Impulse Buy, Another Diary

Of course, eBay recommended other purchases to me after I bought my 2 diaries from the previous post.

The first one was a diary from 1927 (but the entries are from 1931-1932). Lizzie Pearl died in 1932 and was married September 21, 1931. These would have been such important years in her life. The author of this diary is named Margaret (derived from the Greek margarites meaning "pearl"). Margaret was from Watertown, New York, about an hour away from my hometown. The name Gretchen is also a variation of Margaret. I love the connection.

With a discount code, I bought it for $15.

And... I just noticed that, like in the last diaries I posted, the image of writing available for preview is from the same time of year as well! Easter, in fact!


The first two entries for April read:

  • 4/4/1931 - Now at 408 Washington St. caring for Joseph S. Greene, aged 90 years. He gave me this diary. I am getting 25.00 and should be getting 28.00 but did not ask for a raise the 1st of Jan. Mrs. O.B. Cadwell left for an indefinite visit the 2nd of April.

  • Easter 4/5/1931 - All home but Harold. The girls went home with Dot to stay few days & work. Mr. Greene down for dinner and down all P.M. Rather enjoyed it.

I looked up the address in the first entry. It's now a Community Bank. I had hoped Mr. Greene's house was still there. How sweet that she had Mr. Greene over for Easter dinner!

In another entry, she talks about going to the Avon Theater. If my research is right, it was on Arenal St. in Watertown and originally called the City Opera House. I found a photo:


(image from

She and her friend Madeleine went to see "The Great Lover." She summed up her thoughts about the movie in two words: "No good." It has only a 3-star rating on IMDB.


I found a clip (here) and the entire movie (here).

Anyway, today I am off to New York to visit my family for Easter. E is all packed. A will come with us to see his family too. I'm looking forward to some downtime and laughs.

Another day of 50-degree weather, and the field out behind our apartment building is showing some bright green in the middle. Better late than never, Spring!

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