In the Garden

E = my 7-year-old daughter

High 60s and sunny today, so we started our butterfly garden! I need some better gardening tools, but we dug up as much of the grass as we could for now and will plant seeds tomorrow or Tuesday.

We found a great branch to use as a lantern holder in the evenings. It'll be beautiful soon!

I loved the spot we found, being in my bare feet with hands in the dirt, not worrying if my hair wasn't brushed or if I got dirty. When I was kneeling to place rocks, E watered my feet. I hope I grow into someone she is always proud of.

She tucked an old leaf in my hair. To her, it was no different than a summer daisy, and I wore it just as proudly.


I also got through most of my to-do list today, lots of sorting. Wish I had gotten through more, but most clutter is in bins, so I can sort through one or two bins a night and be done in a few nights! Then, I think we'll almost be completely Konmari'd!

In Margaret's diary, on May 5, 1931, Mr. Greene came over to play backgammon, and they had the piano tuned.

If I have any energy after dinner and dishes tonight, maybe we'll play a board game too.