Journal Freebie, New Moon Intentions

Today is a new moon -- a great time to think about which energies you want to bring into your life and those you'd like to send out of your life. The moon will be full again on July 16th, representing your goals coming to fruition.


Journaling is a great way to set intentions, and so I've included a blank journaling page PDF (download here) that you can print out and put into your binder.

To me, setting intentions just means that I make a promise to myself (and/or the universe or my higher power) that I will bring about change in my life.

The purpose of this journaling page is to focus on yourself and to make a list of the things you love. Then, you're prompted to pick one thing about yourself that you'd like to celebrate and how you'd like to do it.

Lastly, you'll set the intention to do that over the next 1-2 weeks, leading up to the full moon. You can also write in your journal about any experiences you've had during that time.

Here's a sample of my completed page:


I feel like, being on my own, even on some level has meant that I'm trying to learn more about myself. I'm setting goals for my future, but I'm not sure they're in alignment with what I love and want. That's frustrating, and it makes it difficult to invest time in these goals. So, this journaling exercise really helped.

Some more long term goals for myself might be to continue saving for a cottage in the country, to organize more game nights with E, and to re-think my side business.

Gretchen PearlComment