Montpelier Streets

E = my 7-year-old daughter

My to-do list is gathering dust in the corner, but today I walked city streets, drank coffee with my best friend (E), avoided the rain, ate crepes, and bought myself a present (more to come on that)!

With everything going on, it was nice to be out of town for a bit. The weather was nice, overcast, but 50s most the day, and no rain.

I even found this! A real kit for a butterfly garden. We’re excited!


Ended the evening watching Adam Sandler, hosting SNL. It brought back so many memories of high school and college and late night Tommy Boy and Happy Gilmore parties.

Hearing Ellie laugh at Sandler’s antics made me so happy.

There are so many reasons to be upset today: illness, loss, anxiety, and a huge lack of motivation to get through weekend chores.

But I’ve learned in the last year that everything has a purpose and a cycle. Every ending signals a new beginning and, though not every situation has completed its cycle as I planned, I’ve walked away stronger and better for each experience.

There is so much love around me, spiritual abundance, and deep, meaningful relationships. I can’t help but notice that, every time a chapter comes to an end, the next one holds more magic than I could have imagined before.

So, there’s that. ;-)