Shooting Star Number 3

A = guy I was seeing
J = sister
F = friend since high school

The trip back from New York went fine. Great Easter dinner at J's on Saturday night, Easter baskets for the girls Sunday morning. My youngest niece is 5-years-old, and it was so fun to see her excited about the Easter bunny visiting. Also got to see F's new apartment. It's beautiful.

Monday night, back in Vermont, A and I went to the river and climbed the rocks up to the waterfall. It was a fun adventure. He found me a nice spot to sit and put my feet in. Water was cold, but it felt like Summer. A moved rocks to re-route the water a bit to make a little stream at my feet and washed the sand off of them.


Later that night, we fought again. The ups and downs are tough. I said I need some space.

It was just after midnight when we got back. The lights outside the apartment building were on a timer to shut off at 12:15. So, just after we got out of the car, the lights went out. I found A in the dark and held his arm. I noticed the stars, suddenly so bright. It took my breath away. And then, a shooting star flew straight across the sky.


It was just like the one we saw the first night we went adventuring together and the one while driving the back roads of Vermont a few weeks ago.

I don't know what it means. Maybe just a fiery rock in the sky. But it always feels like more.

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