The Diary Project

(photo by oxana v on Unsplash)

E = my 7-year-old daughter

I am such a project person. I always need a hobby or a distraction. Since I had E in 2012, I've had less time for projects and more time to contemplate why I need them and how they benefit my life.

The truth is, a lot of them don't have much benefit.

The Tarot project has lasted the longest out of all of my projects, and that's because it brought in more income than freelance design, and what I've gotten in return has been so much more than I give. I've connected with so many people on a spiritual level, and it makes me feel complete in so many ways.

I can't see ever giving up on Willows East.

But the Witherbee Road project (writing about my great-grandmother’s life) is very different... I don't entirely have a vision for it yet, and that is SO unlike me. I always start with a vision and pursue it with tunnel vision. My family always gets all my love, but if I'm in project mode, they're probably not getting a lot of homemade meals or clean laundry. It's OK, they're used to it. :-)

The WR project is similar in that way, but I'm also learning from Lizzie to love my home and make it more of a priority. I don't feel like her home was a safe place, and I want my daughter to have that.

And then, writing diary entries mainly just for me and to document my life is making this more of a self-care project, and it's much needed.

But the biggest difference is that, all my other projects were business ventures, and I focused a lot on gaining followers and income.

The main focus of this project has really been the research and writing is really a celebration of the women in our family and so, last night, when my aunt told me that she had read the first chapter of Witherbee Road to my grandmother (Lizzie's daughter), and that she appreciated the work I was doing, it made me so weepy!

In that moment, the vision of where this project is headed really changed. I just want to write for the sake of writing, and I want to tell Lizzie's story, because it's where we came from as strong Gauthier/Kelly women! And I want to make my Grammy proud! Haha!

That's it. And that's more than enough.