Treasure Hunting

For Easter, I bought my nieces Smashbooks. If you haven't seen them, they're essentially journals with pretty backgrounds and quotes and miscellaneous graphics, and the idea is that you just "smash" or paste in found items and journal too, if you like. Video here.

I like them, because they're very reminiscent of vintage scrapbooks, and finding pretty quotes and photos and pieces of paper becomes a bit of a treasure hunt.

My favorite place to treasure hunt is at our local antique store. That's where I found this postcard shown at the top of this post.

It's a big old house with aisles of treasures. There are some designated sections for dishes, books, jewelry, but the owner has also just smashed things in where they fit, so you never know what you'll find where.


I spent some time going through her postcard collection and found a few gems. Each card was 50¢.

I tried to find ones from the years Lizzie would have been alive, when my book would take place. The messages and imagery give a glimpse into that time period and make me feel closer to her.


The longest message I found was on the pink souvenir card above and read:

This is a souvenir of Deer Isle where I vacationed, you remember.

My dear friend, Your letter received, and I assure you I was more than glad to get such a nice long letter. I wasn't looking for it until Saturday, so it was all the more a surprise. Not fair here yet, we have had a lovely rain and one we needed. I am feeling nicely now but hate to get up mornings. I think the girls and LeDruit gone to the pond today. It is nearly time for mail to close so I can't write very much. They had quite a crowd here yesterday to the Lourd(?) Reunion, had a meeting and dinner at our church. I am to lead the meeting tonight and I rather dread it but I guess everything will go off all right. Am so glad Mr. Hise is here, helps out a good deal. Roy may not get home Sunday, so much work, rush now for a few days. Write soon.

Another card had a shorter message, but it was quite mushy, so I'll share:

Sweetheart-- Am having a lovely time here but one thing, and not so much of one either, I miss. Dear, can you guess who or what that is? I believe you can. For it is a girl who loves me and a girl whom I love. A big kiss, dear. -Ray

If I were to write back to Ray, I think I'd say:

Dearest-- Having not so lovely a time as you are, I assure you. April showers dampen my mood. But, then my thoughts wander to the man I love, and I find my Ray of sunshine. -Doris

See what I did there, Ray? Haha!

I think I'll laminate these cards and put them into my Smashbook.

And, here's another little gem: a photo of Lizzie's daughter, my grandmother, Elizabeth, probably in the 1940s.


She kind of reminds me of actress, Hedy Lamarr, don't you think?


(photo credit: CBS News)

I'm still trying to find time to get to share some of the diary entries with you. This weekend, I’m sure!

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