5 stars for Willows East
Readings and Learning Materials

Since beginning my spiritual journey in 2012, I'm pleased to be listed as a top-rated reader and Tarot content provider in the spiritual community. Thank you, friends, for your ongoing support and business! -Gretchen, Owner

Gretchen was bang on with my reading. She has not only reinforced my own intuition but she has given what was just a little spark of an idea into a beautifully burning flame of direction. Thank you so much for the wonderful reading.
— L.H.
Gretchen is so caring and genuine. So happy with her insight and comments for us.
— K.B.
By far the best reading I’ve ever had! Gretchen really took her time with my reading and thoroughly explained everything. I will be booking another reading soon! Highly recommended! I’d give 11 stars if that was possible...
— J.B.
Gretchen has an amazing introspective view on the cards. She pretty much described the title of my job. She got the picture of what was going on and gave me good guidance. She is a very good reader!!
— -V.K.
Perfect. Exactly what I was looking for and great service. Thanks!
— C.G.
Gretchen’s reading was so spot on. In fact, later on in the day, I received information that coincided with something she mentioned in her reading just hours before. I highly recommend consulting with her if you need clarity when in doubt about a particular circumstance.
This was an amazing experience for me and my family. Gretchen is incredible and I highly recommend her.
— K.C.