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About Me

Nice to meet you! I’m Gretchen—a certified Spirituality Coach, tarot reader, mom, magick maker, and Vermont mountain dweller! I’ve been reading Tarot and Oracle cards for 8 years. I love to use the cards to provide quick and simple guidance about any situation that’s weighing heavy on your mind.


What My Clients Are Asking

Here are some questions my clients are currently asking:

  • Can you compare my current job with a new job I’m applying for?

  • Can you give me some clues to my life purpose?

  • Can you channel a message from my spirit guides or someone who has passed away?

  • How does he/she feel about me?

  • What will happen if I stay with (or leave) this relationship?

  • How can I work through a challenging relationship with my family member?

  • How do I start my spiritual practice?

How to Get a Reading

To purchase a reading, fill out the form below. I will contact you with your reading, and you should feel free to message back and ask additional questions about the reading.

I complete all readings via text message, Facebook messenger, or email and will include an image of your cards. If you would like to request a phone or in-person reading, please contact me at


Each question is $4. You can pay after the question is answered, via Apple Pay, PayPal, or Facebook Messenger. If another form of payment is needed, just let me know.

**I will never charge you for additional questions without asking you first.

When You Will Receive Your Reading

As long as questions are received before 7pm EST, you will receive a same-day response from me. If a question is received after 7pm, your reading response may arrive the next day.

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Each question costs $4.
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After your reading, I'll ask you to pay via Apple Pay, PayPal, or Facebook Messenger. If another form of payment is needed, just let me know. ((I will always ask before charging for additional questions.))


I will never share the details of our session with anyone without written permission from you. Because Tarot is not an exact science, and because we have free will to change our destinies, I'm obligated to tell you that my readings are for insight purposes only. I cannot predict the future with certainty. I will not give you legal or medical advice, and please do not make any legal, medical, or big-life decisions based on a reading. I am not responsible for any decisions made based upon a reading and encourage you to always trust your own intuition and common sense above all else.