Sample Reading

I would love to work with you! Click here to view a sample PDF from an email reading.

What You Should Know About Me

I'm Gretchen, a 34-year old wife and mom, and I've been reading Tarot and practicing mediumship for 6 years now! I'm passionate about helping you find your soul purpose, kick-starting your inspiration, connecting you with loved ones (living and passed), and helping you be the happiest version of YOU that you can be! As a mom, I love supporting other parents and letting them know that parenthood is a game of survival -- one you WILL win, I promise.

By day, I work as an editor, designer, and publisher, who has been through many job interviews, career changes, and too many conference calls to count. Need career advice? I can help with that too!

My Readings

Though I can often get a sense of where energy is headed and predict a likely outcome, I am not the type of intuitive who will tell you with certainty that you're going to take a trip overseas in the next 5 years or that you'll meet your dream-partner in line at a carnival ride. You can have both those outcomes if you choose them! Through Tarot, I can help you determine what you really want and how to get it!

The Specifics

My readings cost $45 and are completed via call/text, Skype, or email. They include 5 or more cards and an image of the cards drawn for your reference.

When you purchase, there will be a short questionnaire so I can get to know you a little better and get a sense of your energy. For example, in terms of your Career: "What's your first name?" plus "What is your current job situation?" and "What do you want to know?"

What Clients Say

I began selling my readings on Etsy and maintain a 5-star rating on the site. Here is some of the feedback I've received:

  • Best reading. Well organized. Answered all my questions and more. Thank you! -JA
  • Gretchen is truly gifted. Her reading was spot on and her prediction came true! She provides such helpful and reassuring insight into one's circumstances. -FI
  • By far the best reading I've ever had! Gretchen really took her time with my reading and thoroughly explained everything. I will be booking another reading soon! Highly recommended! I'd give 11 stars if that was possible. -JB
  • Great reader, I'm very pleased with my reading,definitely will come back again -MA
  • Gretchen is so caring and genuine. So happy with her insight and comments for us. -KB

The Fine Print

Because Tarot is not an exact science, and because we have free will to change our destinies, I'm obligated to tell you that my readings are for insight purposes only. I will not give you legal or medical advice, and please do not make any legal or medical decisions based on a reading. I am not responsible for any decisions made based upon a reading and encourage you to always trust your own intuition and common sense above all else.