2-Card Tarot To Go Reading
2-Card Tarot To Go Reading TarotToGo_Sample.png
Free Insta Tarot Class
Willows East Insta Tarot Class What It Is: The Insta Tarot Class is an abbreviated version of my Intro to Tarot Online Course and includes the Willows East Card Meanings Quick Key and the Journal Key TarotClassPost.png readings, or offer words of encouragement! My mission is to inspire you to read Tarot daily for Insta Tarot Class will run from Aug. 1-30 (with a few early posts in July). Why: To tap into your Free Insta Tarot Class
Court Cards in 4 Simple Steps
Tarot I don't like anything to be too complicated, including reading Tarot. When I first started reading
Ancestors Spread
spread, and below are the cards that I pulled from the Ostara Tarot deck, along with my interpretations Tarot
Just For Laughs - Court Cards as Comic Characters
My Favorite Tarot Resources
Here is a quick list of my Top 5 Tarot Resources, PLUS a review of the Biddy Tarot Community, which social media or journaling print-outs. Tarot Readers' Academy The TRA is wonderful! First of all, I'm Tarot Tarot apps. I don't typically use them for client readings, but I absolutely keep them handy for Tarot Sampler apps). You can also enter external readings in the app to make pretty graphics for I adore! Linestrider Tarot The Fool's Dog Apps I am not ashamed to admit that I absolutely LOVE my My Favorite Tarot Resources
The Ethics of Reading For a Third Party
How I Learned All 78 Tarot Cards FAST
Tarot First, How Tarot Cards Work If you ask different readers how Tarot cards work, you may be surprised will lead you to card-meanings that work for YOU. For example, the Tarot Mucha deck book describes the How I Learned All 78 Tarot Cards FAST
Tarot Blog Hop
Tarot Journal Magical Things Lucky Lynx, At the Crossroads Nym's Divination The iWonder Sisters ), I'll add all blogs to my "Favorite Tarot Blogs" list! Check out our participating BLOGS! Willows East (just to get us started!) Over the Moon Oracle Cards Spiral Sea Tarot Readings By Mia Laura Kai's Tarot Blog Hop Tarot Tarot Seed Left-Hand Tarot Tarot Clarity Here are the RULES! Write Your Blog Post Answering These 5 Hi, Tarot Blogger Friends! Welcome to the first Willows East Tarot Blog Hop! Want to join our list
Welcome to Your First Day With Tarot
Ostara Deck. Can I Go Digital? Absolutely! I use both hard copy and digital Tarot decks for my readings Printables! Wait, But Which Deck Should I Use? Any Tarot deck (with 78 cards) will do! Beginners which ones you like, before investing money in the hard copy versions! I love the Fool's Dog Tarot Getting Started Welcome to your first day with Tarot! All you'll need is a: -Tarot Deck -Notebook Tarot Welcome to your first day with Tarot! All you'll need is a: Tarot Deck (Digital is Fine!), Notebook, and Pen! Welcome to Your First Day With Tarot -Pen! If you’d like a more formal place to log readings, check out our Willows East Tarot Journal and
Lesser Known Tarot Card Meanings
As promised, I've put together a list of some lesser-known Tarot card meanings. These are meanings Tarot tarot Lesser Known Tarot Card Meanings
Willows East Intro to Tarot Online Class
I'm excited to announce our new online class, Intro to Tarot! Read More Here! Tarot Willows East Intro to Tarot Online Class
5 Ways to Use Tarot for Mindfulness
Tarot makes me happy. Like, really happy. Sometimes I get such a kick out of just thinking about a 5 Ways to Use Tarot for Mindfulness Tarot , and see if it helps guide you to an answer to your question. Step Into a Tarot Card Pick your gratitude for all that is good in your life, and release any negativity. Use Your Subconscious Tarot Deck tarot , or to feel gratitude. Here are 5 ways you can use Tarot in those moments of mindfulness. Take a few minutes to: Pick a Card to Define the Present Moment Stop and think about which Tarot card may
Goal Setting with Tarot and Breaking Through Obstacles
Tarot -learning energy. I was inspired to buy a new deck: The Dreaming Way Tarot. It's one I've had my eye Goal Setting with Tarot and Breaking Through Obstacles tarot Tarot class and am thrilled with the energy of our group. It's so filled with exploration and new Intro I think I wanted a quick answer when I sat down with my Tarot cards this evening and started
Realigning Your Intentions with Tarot
images, and Tarot inspiration. I was also completely DONE with over-thinking. I wanted to create Tarot tarot On the 11th, we talked about setting Goals with Tarot and Breaking Through Obstacles. In doing so Realigning Your Intentions with Tarot , today I'm using Tarot to re-align my intentions, to right my ship! So, first, I wrote down all the
Digital Major Arcana
Tarot tarot
Willows Wisdom, Judgement
Tarot tarot their final judgment. Almost all religions believe in life after death, and Tarot has many early the balance between life and death. In Tarot, the card shows men and women rising from coffins to face
Tarot and the News
Tarot in the News A great way to practice your Tarot readings is by pulling cards for news stories, to see what might tarot Tarot and the News she pass away?" I used the yes/no system that Barbara Moore shared on a previous Biddy Tarot podcast
What Do I Ask My Deck Now?
continuing to build my Tarot business, what should I focus on, in the 1) next week, 2) next 3 weeks, and 3 ) next month? Linestrider Tarot Deck I struggled at first to find the meanings here, but I eventually Tarot make a few validations. Use Tarot to plan an outing or weekend. Ask, "Which types of activities will tarot "no," but let's see what the cards say!) Linestrider Tarot Deck Strength - Angie triggered the
Spirit Guide Spread
Tarot tarot
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