Getting Started

Hello, shiny, beautiful you! Welcome to Willows East -- my spiritual safe haven in the Green Mountains of Vermont! For more about me and why I'm here, check out our About page. For pics and (almost) daily updates about what we're doing, follow us on Instagram, @willowseast.

Our Mission

To challenge you to use your own intuition to create your best (or most fulfilled) life.

What You'll Need

Just you, and a notebook, or a copy of our Willows East Intuitive Journal. I often use Tarot cards to guide my intuition and recommend the Radiant Rider Waite deck in a tin. This deck is perfect for those of us with small hands.


Feel like you need a little more guidance? Check out our Online Class: Intro to Reading Tarot to kick-start your Tarot journey!

Why Nurture Your Intuition?

Because I firmly believe that we're not on this planet to suffer. All we need is a plan to guide us, a focus, a happy thought, a spark of inspiration, a glimmer of hope, a moment of laughter, to drive us forward. And it's easy to find! Once we unlock our intuition, we can find that spark in a message from a loved one, imagery in a Tarot card, or in a symbol we find on a sidewalk.

How? (R.I.B. Method)


Each week, set aside time to reflect on ONE thing you want to work on, to improve. Maybe it's your self-doubt, productivity, or a relationship that needs care. Using meditation, Tarot or Oracle cards, or spiritual guidance, brainstorm ways you can improve this aspect of your life.


Set an intention to make TWO changes. Draw 2 cards to guide you, if you wish. For example, you may want to change your self-talk to be more positive or gentle with yourself. You may want to do two nice things for a loved one, or create a schedule to improve productivity. If it helps, light a candle to symbolize your intentions. This is also a good time to ASK the universe (or God, or your higher power), to help guide you through this intention.


Believe that this improvement will happen. Be open to receiving signs of hope from the universe. At the end of the week, jot down at least THREE changes you witnessed or felt. If you feel like something didn't work out the way you planned, add it as a new reflection for the coming week.


The site is filled with inspiration, tools, and weekly updates. Categories below and in the main navigation can guide you to specific blog posts. And here are a few items you might be interested in as you get started: