Getting Started

Hello, shiny, beautiful you! Welcome to The Willows East Tarot Society -- my spiritual safe haven in the Green Mountains of Vermont! For pics and (almost) daily updates about what we're doing, follow me on Instagram, @willowseast.


Our Mission

To challenge you to use your own intuition, Tarot, and journaling to create your most fulfilled life.

What You'll Need


Yep, we're starting with YOU! You may not realize it yet, but there's a whole beautiful world inside of you -- memories, hopes, ideas, and deep intuition that our prompts and tools can help you connect with.

You ARE the magic. Not the cards we work with, the paper in your journal, nor the scene outside your window, but how you see it and interpret it -- that's where the fireworks are! There is no wrong way to read the cards, and the meanings may change, so don't overthink it. Just dive in!

A Journal

Any notebook will do, but we like to use any one of the following:

  • Our Willows East Intuitive Journal, that has colorful pages with sections set up for you to log daily, weekly, and monthly spreads.
  • Discbound journals (like Create365 or similar systems) that will allow you to customize your inserted pages.
  • A small, portable binder that will allow you to add more pages as needed.

Want more guidance in finding your perfect journal, check out our blog post: To Find Your Perfect Journal, Ask Yourself These 5 Questions.


Here at Willows East, we are passionate about using cards (Tarot, Lenormand, or Oracle) to connect with your intuition and to write about your experience.

One way I use my cards: Each day, I like to ask my higher power, or intuition, one of the following questions: "What do I need to know?" "What do I need in order to grow?" or "What do I need to let go?" I then draw 2 cards and analyze the meaning of them. If I asked what I needed to know and drew "Temptation" and "Faith," I may write in my journal, for example: "Time to look at what's tempting me during the day, what's taking my time away from the things I should be doing, and use my spirituality and focus to stay on track. The faith card has a star on it, which reminds me that I need to have direction."

  1. Beginner Friendly: Our Willows East oracle decks, or "key cards" are a great place to start if you haven't used cards before. They contain 20 themes to kick-start your intuition each day.
  2. Intermediate: Lenormand is a French style of fortune telling that has a little more depth to readings. There are many online resources for Lenormand cards, and we have a Lenormand eBook to get you started as well as the Willows East Lenormand deck!
  3. Let's go for Tarot: Tarot isn't as complicated as it seems, but I know newcomers find it daunting. We have lots of Tarot resources on our site, and if you feel like you need a little more guidance, check out our Online Class: Intro to Reading Tarot or the shorter (freebie) version, Crash Course in Tarot.

Other Tools

The site (and our Instagram page) is filled with inspiration, tools, and weekly updates. Categories below and in the main navigation can guide you to specific blog posts. And here are a few items you might be interested in as you get started:

Why Nurture Your Intuition?

Because I firmly believe that we're not on this planet to suffer. All we need is a plan to guide us, a focus, a happy thought, a spark of inspiration, a glimmer of hope, a moment of laughter, to drive us forward. And it's easy to find! Once we unlock our intuition, we can find that spark in a sign from a loved one, imagery in a Tarot card, or in a symbol we find on a sidewalk.