Tarot to Promote Mental Wellness (and Cope With Anxiety) - April 2018 Webinar

**I recently received some feedback from folks saying that they were concerned about committing to a 4-week course. As such, I've provided this one-afternoon abbreviated version on April 21st.


APRIL 21, 3:00-5:00pm (EST)

$125 (50% off if you use code EARLYBIRD2)

What We'll Cover

The class will last about 1.5 hours with time at the end to practice readings. A worksheet will be provided to guide you through this session.

What You'll Need: a Tarot deck (if you'd like to practice readings with us) and a notebook/pen.

If You Miss This Class: The session will be recorded, and I'll welcome any follow-up questions via email.


  • Who I Am; My Path to Wellness (From Defeat to Durable)/Disclaimer
  • Class Intro and What We'll Cover
  • Defining Mental Wellness (Your Story)
  • Why Tarot and Mental Wellness Go Together
  • The Power of Written Language (Grandpa's Diary) and Journaling
  • Shorthand Tarot
  • 2-Card Exercise - Who Am I?

It's All About You!

Using Tarot to:

  • Build Self Worth
  • Build Your Sacred Space
  • Find Joy and Set Goals
  • Practice Self Care
  • 2-Card Exercise - What Means the Most?

Don't Let Your Brain Bring You Down

  • Coping With Anxiety
  • Baby Step Your Way to Better Adulting
  • Mindful Practices With Tarot
  • 2-Card Exercise - Tackling Your Fears

Maintaining the Calm

  • Pitfalls and Setbacks
  • Defining Your Restart
  • Reflections
  • 2-Card Exercise - Back to Top 2/How to Maintain

Webinar: Tarot to Promote Mental Wellness

April 21; 3:00-5:00pm

Check out the TMW Course Page (here) for more information.

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